A. TnG push jerk build to a 10rm in 10 min –145,155,165, failed on 3 @ 175
B. emom – PC TnG x 3 60-65% of 1rm – 8mins 170
5 sets
Row 200m
10 clean and jerks 115# grace style
30 DU
10 burpees


rest 5mins

change order of movements per set for all sets, record times and changes in time per set

10 burpees,row 200,10 Clean &Jerks,30 DU 2,18

30 DU,10 Burps,row ,Cleans – 2,21

Cleans ,30 du,burps,Row – 2.24

Row 200m, 10 cleans, 10 burps, 30 DU – 2,17

Notes; very challenging, working on breathing through cleans. Hardest set when cleans last.


Row 500m 90% effort
rest walk 3mins x 8
each row same pace

Notes; went negative splits – felt smooth throughout 



Did this in Toronto…just did not feel good on rings…2 first minute then singles on minute for 8 minutes. Going back to supinated CTB chins in warmups. In saying that anterior delts still smashed from volume ring dips Monday
A. emom – MU unbroken 2-3- 6-8mins

B. TGU 1.5pd alt hands/rep 30 for time – 9.51
30sec CTB chin ups in doubles 4 sets of 2 each time
30sec HSPU in singles 5 each set
rest 1min x 8
30sec max kbs 1.5pd unbroken 12 each set
30sec max push press 115# in triples from blocks 3 x 3 each set
rest 1min x 8

# Beast of a session, relentless.



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